Borders Chapter

We are a dispersed group of some 35 plus members living predominantly in the north of England and south of Scotland.  Much of the work revolves around volunteer wardening at the Kirk Yetholm house, occasional work parties, publicising the Borders area within the UK and overseas and generally encouraging and campaigning for a sustainable future for all.

Our Borders Facebook page is the main medium of contact - particularly well read by country members in Europe and USA!  Click here:

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Kirk Yetholm FoN house is run by a mix of volunteer wardens and paid staff, so if anyone is interested in wardening (or work parties!!) please get in touch.



Jan 2021:  opening date for Kirk Yetholm is likely to be at earliest May 21 due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Web page and booking engine will be updated nearer the date.  Volunteers will be contacted once the operational pattern decided.  Likely that only private rooms will be offered with no/limited access to communal areas such as lounge and kitchen under Govt. guidelines.


14.12.2020  Tree Planting.  Target reached for 125 trees planted via 'Trees for Life' grove in Highlands to celebrate 125yrs of Friends of Nature.  Link to grove:


3.2.2020  We support tree planting. A Mountain Ash (Rowan/Sorbus aucuparia) was planted at Kirk Yetholm on Monday 3rd February 2020 to mark the 125 years of Friends of Nature. We hope the leaves and berries will be a favourite for wildlife in the years to come. Trees can last up to 200 years and will be a permanent reminder of the Naturefriends movement. With luck it will certainly outlive us!!

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