Naturefriends celebrate 125yrs of helping make the world a better place...

31st January, 2020 can follow via 125 events planned across the globe!

The Year is 1895:

The movement known as Naturfreunde (later known regionally as Naturefriends/Friends of Nature/Amis de la Nature,...) is formed in Vienna. Our journey has begun! ... read on below

Ever since its foundation, promoting sustainable development of both the environment and society has been at the heart of the Naturefriends movement. Over the last 125 years, Naturefriends around the world have implemented thousands of activities to champion this wide variety of causes: fighting for rights of way, developing environmentally and socially sustainable tourism and leisure-time offers, and promoting protection of the environment and nature, climate justice and international solidarity.

The international campaign “125 activities for sustainable development” aims to give an overview of the diversity of Naturefriends activities that have contributed to sustainable development or continue to do so. In addition to that, the anniversary congress of Naturefriends International, which is held on 13 June 2020 in Vienna, will adopt a list of demands with the aim of pointing out Naturefriends’ commitment to a good future for all people.

The individual activities will be presented with the hashtag #Naturefriends125activities on Facebook and Instagram during the year 2020:

The activities already published can be found here:

Together for a promising future!

18th September, 2019

The NFI Friends of Nature factsheet has been updated with the new Vienna office address and the content and visuals given a fresh makeover.  Plans are well advanced for the 125th Birthday Celebrations in 2020 - see more information on the NFI website here:

A direct link to the new fact sheet is here:

2018 NFI Annual Report

1st August, 2019

Fruit tree planting and fuel efficient stoves in the Landscape of Year (Senegal-Gambia), Sustainable Tourism, Climate Justice and Offset Fund, Global Reach with 42 member countries and 350,000 individual members, 700 Friends of Nature houses... our Annual Report showcases the great work going on in our movement! 

Click here for pdf copy: PDF icon 2018 NFI Annual Report.pdf

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1st July, 2019

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PLUS your chance to make a difference by donating to the NFI Climate Fund through projects such as fuel efficient stoves in Africa - see homepage link: Simply click the 'donation' button when joining and we will transfer the amount to NFI head office in Vienna!

Join a Movement for Change as we celebrate 125 years of activities: Friends of Nature/Naturefriends is one of the oldest environmental groups in the world with some 350,000 members and 700 houses to stay across Europe, USA and beyond. Be a part of this truly International Family and come with us on the next part of the journey.

Friends of Nature drinks bottle... Refill it, DON'T Landfill it!

28th May, 2019

Just arrived from the USA! Friends of Nature branded original 'Nalgene' water bottles, the original and best hikers bottle.

Lucky visitors to our house at Kirk Yetholm can purchase for just £10.  We anticipate the bottles being available at meetings and our next AGM but sorry not by post/mail order. 

Nalgene have been producing bottles for some 50 years in the USA, guaranteed for life, indestructible(?), leak proof, it will be with you for life at work or play. Details:

Well timed for the Naturefriends 125th Birthday celebrations next year

P.S.  Austrian Snoopy loves his Nalgene bottle